OstadElahi inPractice gives you access to online tools in the form of “labs” that will help you to plan a customized ethical practice adapted to your needs and to implement it in an organized, sustained, and dynamic manner

Five-phase labs

Each five-phase lab consists of a 5-phase program to be completed in 60 days.

Each phase involves a number of activities whose objectives are as follows:

to assess your understanding of an ethical and spiritual principle and review your current state of practicing this principle (pre-assessment);

to improve your comprehension of an ethical and spiritual principle, both in theory and in practice (reflection);

to conduct a self-diagnosis in order to determine practical exercises that are suitable for you (diagnosis);

to monitor the implementation of these exercises on a daily basis (action);

to assess and analyze the results of your practice (validation).

For an overview of the way OstadElahi inPractice’s five-phase labs work, take a look at the presentation below; for detailed information about the different phases of a lab, log in to your account or click here Find out more about phases.

28 days straight lab

28 days straight labs are based on a single phase programme that lasts 28 days and is entirely dedicated to action. It will allow you to confront a range of divine and ethical principles to reality. A variety of sayings, excerpt or resources, selected from a book or on a particular theme, are randomly drawn for you on a daily basis by the system. You can then decide on a practical exercise adapted to your needs, based on the saying or excerpt drawn.

These express labs will help you:

  • deepen your theoretical knowledge by reading, each day, a saying or an excerpt on topics such as the human soul, its perfection etc.;

  • put an ethical and spiritual principle into practice and increase your understanding of this principle, both theoretically and in practice;

  • assess and analyse the results of your practice, through a daily validation of your practice.

For an overview of the way OstadElahi inPractice’s 28 day straight labs work, take a look at this FAQ page.