OstadElahi inPractice is a website dedicated to the practical aspect of self-knowledge and the process of ethical and spiritual perfection.

It offers labs based on a methodology that will help you set up and implement a program of ethical and spiritual exercises adapted to you—using theory and introspection as a starting point.

Signing up for a lab will allow you to:

 Discover or deepen your understanding of a practical aspect of Ostad Elahi’s thought with the help of a quiz, reflection questions, etc.;

 Increase your self-knowledge by analyzing your comprehension and completing a self-diagnosis questionnaire, among other methods;

Select the practical exercises you should work on, keep track of your progress on a daily basis, and conduct a self-assessment of your practice;

 Access statistical data of your results and the quality of your practice, and compare your average score with that of other users;

 Keep a logbook in which to record daily experiences, notes, favorite resources, etc.;

 Access a variety of resources, videos, links, tips and tricks; and

 Benefit from practical suggestions and the experiences of other participants.