Personal Data Protection Policy

Within the framework of the use of services accessible on its site (hereafter referred to as the “Site”), the site hwill be collecting and processing your personal data.

This personal data protection policy ("Policy") applies to all data that we process, in particular your interactions with us through the various channels available to you.

It is important that you read this Policy so that you are fully informed about the processing of your personal data, the means used to protect them and the ways in which you can exercise your rights.

In the remainder of this page, the term "Site" may, depending on the context, refer either to the Site as such, or to its founders and/or managers.

1. Data controller

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2. What are our commitments to protect your personal data?

Because we take respect of privacy very seriously, we are committed to guaranteeing personal data protection for the users of our Site, and more generally, for all individuals involved in our processing operations.

We are committed to implementing the regulations for all processing of personal data that we conduct, in compliance with the French Act on Data Processing, Data files and Individual Liberties dated January 6th, 1978 as modified, as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679) or "GDPR" (the “Act”).

In particular, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Your personal data is processed lawfully, fairly and transparently (lawfulness, fairness, transparency).
  • Your personal data is collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and is not further processed in a way that is incompatible with these purposes (purpose limitation).
  • Your personal data is collected in an adequate and relevant manner and is limited to the purposes for which it is processed (data minimization).
  • Your personal data is accurate, kept up to date and every reasonable step is taken to ensure that inaccurate data, considering the purposes for which it is processed, is deleted or updated (accuracy).

We are committed to enforcing appropriate internal procedures to raise awareness and ensure compliance with these rules within our organization.

Furthermore, we are committed to implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the appropriate level of security and to protect your personal data from the design stage of our processing operations. However, given that no mechanism offers total security, each User acknowledges that there will always be some element of risk when personal information is transmitted through the internet.

3. What are the different categories of your personal data that we process, how do we collect them and for what purposes do we use them?

3.1 The only personal data stored – as defined under the Law no. 2018-493 of June 20, 2018 relating to the protection of personal data – on the Site are the contact details (surname, first name, pseudonym, e-mail address, IP address) of any user who registers on the Site, who sends a message to the Site via the “Contact” form or who suggests a Contribution to the Site.

3.2 No sensitive data will be collected.

3.3 Personal data you provide to us is gathered directly, or through the use of cookies and similar technologies. We use our own cookies and third-party cookies. For more information, please see our Cookie Management Policy.

3.4 Collection of data on minors: Any access to the Site by a minor is carried out under the full responsibility of the holder(s) of parental authority. It is the responsibility of the latter to determine whether the information, data, texts, software, photographs, sounds, messages and any content offered on the Site are suitable for the minor for whom they are responsible.

4. For what purposes do we use your personal data?

The user is informed that, in compliance with Article 32 of the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978 as amended by the Law No. 2018-493 of June 20, 2018 on the protection of personal data, personal information processed by the Site is necessary and is intended exclusively for the purposes mentioned below and for the Site managers, responsible for the management of the Site and relations with users, excluding any third parties, and will not result in any data processing.


Legal basis

Communicate with you, answer your questions and process your requests

Your consent

General follow-up of the operations carried out by the User on his/her account

Your consent

Personalizing your user experience on the Website

Your consent

Improving the Website and your user/customer experience

Legitimate interest of the Site managers to improve the Site and your user experience

Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations

Legal and regulatory obligations imposed on the managers of the Site

No information relating to Users will be published. The User's name or pseudonym and email address will be used exclusively for communication between the Site and a User. They will never be disclosed when the Site publishes a comment or when a Contribution is proposed by the User. Each Contribution is completely anonymous. The User’s IP address will not be disclosed either, and will only be used to prohibit access to the Site to any User violating T&Cs or this Policy.

Personal data is not available to the hosting company which is thus incapable of reading it or disclosing it to third parties or subcontractors. Your data is not transferred outside the EU or transferred to third parties by the Site operators. For more information about data transferred to third parties, please refer to the Cookie Management Policy.

5. What are your rights and how do you exercise them?

In accordance with French Law, in particular the provisions of the GDPR and “the Act”, the User has the right to access, modify, oppose, delete and extract data regarding such User.

The User may exercise these rights by sending a message to the Site managers via the contact form on the Site or directly on the Site, in the "My profile" / "Edit profile" tab. This message must include the contact information (name and email address) of the User, which must be identical to the data provided in the form at the time the data was processed. A verification will be made, by e-mail exchange, before following up the request as soon as possible. The User is informed that, pursuant to “the Act”, as amended by Law No. 2018-493 of June 20, 2018, data collected by the Site is intended for the Site only and for relationships between the Site and Users, to the exclusion of any third party, for purposes described above and in no way for commercial purposes, which the User accepts.

Any user has the right to withdraw consent. The retention period of the data collected from Users will not exceed the processing time necessary for the Site and what is required by law. Data is not available to the hosting company which is thus incapable of reading it, or of disclosing it to third parties.

Furthermore, we inform you that we do not retain personal data beyond the time necessary for the purpose of processing such data from archives or files containing personal data as defined by the law n°2018-493 of June 20, 2018 implementing the GDPR. These retention periods are defined according to the purposes of processing that we implement and take into account, in particular, the applicable legal provisions imposing a specific retention period for certain categories of data, any applicable statute of limitations, as well as the recommendations of the CNIL, the data protection authority in France, concerning certain categories of processing.

The users of the Site as well as the managers of the Site are required to respect the provisions of the French Act on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties dated January 6th, 1978 as well as law n°2018-493 of June 20, 2018 on the protection of personal data, the violation of which is subject to penalties. In particular, they commit to collect any personal information, use it and in general act in compliance with any rules regarding life privacy or reputation. They undertake not to commercialize information or documents available through the Site and not to disclose them to third parties except as provided by law. If any User uses data available on the Site in a way that infringes upon the reputation and privacy rights of any individual (including a User), and in general, is contrary to law, such behavior may lead to the deletion by the Site of the User account and such User could be liable to penalties under the law.

6. How is your personal data secured?

The Site is committed to protecting your personal data. The Site therefore implements appropriate technical and organizational security measures to prevent, as far as possible, any alteration, loss or unauthorized access to your personal data.

Although the Site ensures the security of your personal data, no data transmission on the Internet is entirely secure. The Site cannot therefore guarantee the security of the information you post on this network.

Data and personal information written by Users on their User Account (in their practical work, for example) and in general all content available of a User Account, remain confidential, even to the Site for three main reasons:

  • communication between the browser and the server is coded (256-bit SSL encryption protocol).
  • the content of Users’ personal notes is coded on their computer before being stored on the servers of the Site. It is therefore impossible for the Site to read these notes.
  • User Accounts are accessible with password only. Passwords being confidential (subject to the User not disclosing it) and coded in the database of the Site, the Site does not have any special or privileged access to the contents of any message written on a User Account.

7. Modifications

The Site reserves the right to modify the present policy in order to comply with all legal, jurisprudential and/or technical developments. In case of modification of the present policy, Users will be informed on the Site. We invite you to consult this page regularly.