Find out more about 28 days straight lab

“28 days straight” labs consist of a single 28-day action phase. With no preparatory stages, these labs are very dynamic and entirely dedicated to action. They give you the opportunity to confront a range of divine and ethical principles to reality.

A variety of sayings, excerpt or resources, selected from a book or on a particular theme, are randomly drawn for you on a daily basis by the system. You can then choose a practical exercise adapted to your needs, based on the saying or excerpt drawn.

You have to assess your practice every day before midnight:

  • success or failure
  • quality of your practice
  • personal experience, if any

You then have several choices:

  • draw a new saying or excerpt and decide on a new personal exercise in connection with this saying or excerpt
  • continue with the same saying or excerpt and the same personal exercise for an extra day
  • continue with the same saying or excerpt for an extra day, but edit your practical exercise

For more information, please watch the tutorial below.